Gas is Up 25%6

Does this Sound Like a Formula for Success?

Skyrocketing Gas Prices

+ Unreliable Green at Any Cost

= Foreign Oil Dependency

Tired of agendas forced
on you that don’t work?

Get out and vote
for common sense.

Take Back Our Pumps

Vote for Solutions that Work

Elections matter.

Your vote is the difference between poor leadership and political agendas or pro-energy candidates willing to fight for our future.

Your vote makes a difference.

In April 2020, the average price of gas was $1.93. One year later, Joe Biden rejoined the Paris Agreement, just one of many bad decisions that could raise energy costs.1,2

Don’t settle for headline leadership.

As gas prices spiked before the end of 2021, Joe Biden dipped into the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve instead of addressing the root of the problem.3

Demand a future that works.

Joe Biden’s $750 billion climate and tax bill has directly led to Ford and GM announcing they will lay off thousands of workers as they transition to building electric vehicles.4,5

The choice ahead is clear—but it’s up to you to cast your vote.

On Tuesday, November 8th
Vote for pro-energy candidates
and help build the future we deserve.